Savvycom makes the 5th entrance into the Top 50 Leading IT Companies in Vietnam
On October 22nd, Savvycom has been proudly awarded as one of Vietnam’s 50 Leading IT Companies, an award presided by the Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA). This award has been annually held with an aim to honour prestigious, proficient and leading Software development companies in the Vietnamese technology industry while promoting cooperation with international partners.

With the disruptive development of human life comes the aggressive uprising of technology. This industry of nonstop innovation and breakthroughs in Vietnam witnessed a growth rate of 30% approximately, with 2018’s revenue reached 99 billion USD. On top of that, the top 50 IT Companies alone, including Savvycom, contributed over 31 billion USD - accounted for 31% total revenue of the category and created more than 184,000 jobs nationwide.

Ever since the award was founded in 2014, Savvycom has made a continual win in 4 years. Following such spectacular milestones, in 2019 Savvycom was once again listed as the leading IT service business in the ITO line due to our impressive growth and significant achievements.

Having arrived at the top 50 for 5 times in total, Savvycom understands our great responsibility to further Vietnam IT industry. The strong commitment of the company to the mission has been proven through the many efforts to be at the front line of the innovation battle.

In the term 2018-2019, Savvycom has successfully launched and fostered the AI Lab, a result from the friendship with University of Engineering & Technology, which specializes in the research and development of Artificial Intelligence applied in software development processes.

Also in this year, Savvycom initiated various strategic collaborations with both domestic and foreign strategic partners such as Apple and CY Global to bridge the gap between companies as well as promoting Vietnamese innovative relationship with global partners - stepping closer to the ultimate goal of “Making the world a better place”.

In the face of Savvycom’s relentless development, Ms Van Dang, Savvycom’s CEO said: “With the goal of making Vietnam become an emerging destination for innovation on the world map, Savvycom always has a high appreciation for values of professionalism, strengthens the services, becomes long-term strategic partners and simultaneously establishes a strong IT community in Vietnam. In addition, the company also strives to build an international network that not only expands the horizon of business opportunities but also creates a resourceful learning circle among leaders across various fields of business.

In the spirit of mutual benefits and collaboration, Savvycom wishes to go partners with more and more companies in a wide range of industries including IT, Healthcare, Education, Finance, and Logistics to keep up with the 4.0 industry revolution movement.”

Founded in 2009 by Ms Van Dang – a talented and ambitious woman entrepreneur, Savvycom has marked its 10th year dedicating to be a trusted partner to international enterprises and organizations, aiming at the global goal in the field of software development services. 

After 10 years of continuous development, Savvycom has listed itself on Clutch’s Top 30 Global App Developers, Top 25 IT Outsourcing Companies and made it to #6 among the best B2B companies in Asia in 2018. 

Ms Van Dang, CEO of Savvycom, is also one of the speakers at TEDx and many other national and international events, listing herself at no.3 of Top 15 Global Leaders must watch in 2017 on Forbes. 

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