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We recognized Covid-19’s impact on supply chains was sudden and catastrophic. Tamin Bayoumi, Deputy Director of the Strategy, Policy and Review department at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), described “the pandemic as a massive shock three to four times the size of the global financial crisis in 2008”, via Forbes. It is very important that we do reflect on what has occurred and continue to occur with new waves of outbreak and new strains evolving. It also reflects on the shocking loss of life globally with many victims being front line supply chain workers.

The new reality in managing organizations is that supply chain management is a strategic imperative, not only helping businesses achieve competitive advantage, but enabling businesses to build resilience and be more adaptive and responsive in times of crisis and disruption. Supply chain management will be expected to have a clear assessment of risk, have near real time feedback from supply chains currently at risk and be ready to execute alternative plans timeously. Understanding that expectation, a new generation of supply chain solutions are emerging - the so-called Supply Chain Control Tower (SCCT) – which is developed by Hitachi Vantara Vietnam.

On Apr 24, 2021, Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA) held the Honoring and Announcement Ceremony of Sao Khue Award 2021 in Hanoi. This year the event has set a record with nearly 300 nominations from 161 enterprises, representing a 57.8 per cent year-on-year increase. This is the largest in terms of the number of nominations and registered businesses since the event was launched. Through three rounds, the jury selected 180 excellent IT platforms, services and solutions to award Sao Khuê in 2021, including 25 platforms, 32 services and 123 solutions. SCCT Platform has proudly been awarded the “Sao Khue Award 2021” – The ICT Recognition of Excellence category: Digital Transformation Platforms.


About Supply Chain Control Tower (SCCT) Platform:

The Lumada Supply Chain Control Tower is a low code configurable solution. This product focuses on providing customers capability to identify and qualify the risks of their whole supply chains and capability to monitor those risks in real time.

By allowing customer to look into details of supply chain nodes where problems happen to understand the root-cause and have early actions to resolve those problems. SCCT Platform applies Big Data Analytics, the platform provides the abilities of KPI Impact Analysis, Simulator based on Decision Rules, Risk Analysis, Response Management which are very important to the enterprises. The platform also supports predictive and prescriptive analytics for decision making by utilizing complicated mathematical algorithms, artificial intelligence and machine learning, the platform takes a deeper look into the "what" and "why" of a potential future outcome.

Our early product has 3 modules:

  • SC Risk Monitoring and Decision Support
  • Bulk Materials Tracking and Predictive Quality
  • Procurement Tracking and Predictive Supply Reliability

Our platform is expected to develop more features:

  • Product and Component Tracking
  • Predictive Delivery Reliability Solution


About Hitachi Vantara Vietnam (HVN) -

Hitachi Vantara Vietnam (formerly known as Global CyberSoft) is a leading global IT solutions provider founded in California in July 2000. A Hitachi group company since October 2014, it was rebranded as Hitachi Vantara in January 2020. We have many years of experience providing premier IT solutions and systems integration services to customers around the world in the areas of Digital Insights, Digital Modernization, Digital Enterprise, Embedded Systems, Digital New Offerings, Quality Assurance, and Managed Services.

About VINASA -

Vietnam Software & IT services (VINASA) is a national association in Vietnam, operating on a non-governmental and not-for-profit basis with the purpose to promote co-operation and mutual support among the members, in order to promote the development of Vietnam software industry and to protect the members' rights. VINASA was established in April 2002. VINASA currently comprises more than 270 company members, most of whom are leading software firms operating nationwide.


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