akaBot by FPT Software is awarded Top 10 at Sao Khue 2020
On May 16th, at Sao Khue Award 2020 ceremony, akaBot- a product by FPT Software- has surpassed 186 nominations to win the title “TOP 10” of this distinguished award.

akaBot, which is based on RPA process/ technology (Robotics Process Automation), is a software exclusively initiated and developed by FPT Software.

akaBot product provides comprehensive automation and digitization solutions for businesses operating in such sector: finance, banking, administrative, production, etc. It makes use of RPA technology and achieve many milestones accordingly. This product (https://akabot.com) is promising in adding considerable values to the IT industry. 

AkaBot's platform consists three main components: studio, agent and center.

akaBot Studio offers a number of outstanding features, including customized business processes or integrated OCR technology into the customer's system. The studio has a command-mode setting for the akaBot Agents to execute and follow. Agent will directly automate human operations onto company's website and applications with high accuracy and stability. The Center helps users monitor and manage akaBot Agent (robots) in performing company's automated processes. With akaBot Center, the creation, monitoring and deployment of resources is always under control.

Achieving TOP 10 at Sao Khue Award this time, akaBot is classified as a product with well-earned revenue and prosperous level of growth. This product is proud to possess breakthrough innovation, large-scale efficiency as well as ability to deliver positive social impact.

Some special functions of akaBot include: human resources’ optimization through a full-service RPA, usage of FPT's technology/platform ecosystem, ability to update and master latest technologies in favor of digital revolution. akaBot aspires to complete the following tasks: increase labor efficiency, stabilize market prices and optimize operating costs, etc. for its customers.

Ever since the market launch, akaBot has caught attention of many domestic and foreign businesses. Current market shares of akaBot range from UK, Japan, Korea to Taiwan, Vietnam, etc. In particular, market shares in Japan account for 60% total revenue of this product.

In 2019, akaBot's revenue is worth 150 billion VND, 50 times higher than 2018. akaBot has been installed and used by more than 20 customers all over the world, 30% of which come from companies in a wide variety of fields such as banking, technology, human resources, etc.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Bui Dinh Giap - Product Owner of akaBot said: “According to our goals in 2020, Vietnam is one of the strategic and focused markets. Hence by winning this specific award, our project team hopes to have more chances to strive for the increases in Vietnam market shares. The product image will surely be enhanced”.

“Hopefully akaBot will be dominating the domestic market with RPA this year”- Mr. Giap added.

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Mr. Bui Dinh Giap- Product Owner (akaBot) of FPT Software at the ceremony

In context of manufacturing RPA-related software and products being a global trend, akaBot is seen as an important contributors to FPT Software’s business growth.. Products will bring great success for businesses, contributing to the expansion of business process automation services to the international market.

Mr. Do Van Khac - Deputy General Director of FPT Software affirmed that in future to come, the company will continue to make investments in its own products, encouraging many individuals and groups to actively participate in creativity within the company. “FPT Software has launched many owned products to the market and achieved certain sales figures as well as success in the past years. With already-launched products, introducing and interrogating to further features is a crucial factor to keep the product exceptionally competitive”- Mr. Khac emphasized.

The world has witnessed a strong development of new technology trends such as RPA (process automation) and AI (artificial intelligence) since 2016. Considering a lot of corporations need to improve productivity and minimize manual error nowadays, RPA (robotic automation process) gradually shows its importance and transits to be further popular over time. In order to timely pace with this transition, FPT Software has made certain progression in R&D activities on their products and services, including the akaBot’s launch.

Sao Khue is a distinguished award hosted annually by Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA) to honor businesses, agencies and individuals with outstanding achievements and contributions to the development of the industry. With 17 years of history, Sao khue is known as the most prestigious award in terms of IT and software in Vietnam.


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