Announcing the results of the Startup Pitching Investment Connection Conference between Vietnam's ICT startups and domestic and start-up support international organizations
The Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA) officially announced the Top 3 Best Startups results of the Startup Pitching session within the framework of the Conference on Investment Connection between Vietnam's ICT Startups and domestic and start-up support international organizations.

On June 30, 2022, Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA), BK Holdings, in collaboration with Project 844 Office, Ministry of Science and Technology, held a conference to connect startups in the ICT field with the topic "Connecting and promoting investment startups", including 2 main activities: conference and startup pitching with investors, with the aim of supporting development and connecting investment for startup projects in general and Vietnam ICT startups in particular. During the application process, VINASA has received a lot of attention as well as applications from startups registered to register. However, the Organizing Committee can only choose the 12 best startups to participate with a variety of excellent products, services, and technology solutions.

After the very exciting presentation of the startups, the organizers took the time to review and select the three best startups, receiving the appreciation of the Evaluation Council. Accordingly, BTC would like to announce the Startup Pitching award as follows:

After the exciting presentation of startups, the Organizing Committee spent time reviewing and selecting the best three startups, which received high praise from the Board of Judges. The best three startups award is as follows:

The first prize belongs to ROSTEK Automation and Technology Co., Ltd with Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)-Automated mobile robots in warehouse operations that can be applied in different industries such as assembling components, electronics, warehouses, restaurants, hotels, or hospitals to help optimize material transportation operations, limit unplanned downtime due to human error, and reduce human effort use. Rostek offers a platform of autonomous robots that meets all transportation requirements, with the advantage of modularization, easy integration, high stability, and promises to bring the best value to customers. Rostek wants to become the largest supplier of autonomous robots in Vietnam and in the region. They use modern technology solutions to create the best benefits for customers. Creativity - Quality - Innovation is Rostek's motto for success

The second prize belongs to ONYX Vietnam Joint Stock Company with the product TrueOrigin-Electronic goods identification stamp. This Blockchain chip stamp origin authentication solution is a unique new smart solution with anti-copy and anti-counterfeiting features. Users can accurately identify the origin of stamps, distinguish real stamps from counterfeits, and, finally, a quick, multiple check by smartphone, to ensure that all counterfeits are eliminated on the market. Established in 2015, based on the product research and development team of Smart Technology Joint Stock Company, a unit with a long history of research and development of embedded electronic applications since 2005. Onyx Techlab is a hardware security technology laboratory, a new field with many difficult problems and challenges. After 5 years of innovative research, Onyx now has many patents in the field of hardware security. Today, when digital technology has connected everything, the field of security is no longer just in software applications on personal computers. Information and its accompanying information security spread to countless other applications in life. ONYX is at the forefront of hardware security. This is a new land with many difficult problems, the most difficult challenges, and also contains the biggest rewards.

The third prize belongs to MyLeague Joint Stock Company with the product MyLeague Joint Stock Company is one of the pioneers in digital transformation and digitization of sports competitions, providing organizers across Vietnam with a tool to automatically organize great sports tournaments. On a single app, you can manage your sports team and shop for sporting goods.The software platform can be used for any type of sport suitable for the sports-loving community. Currently, MyLeague has attracted more than 11,000 leagues, 80,000 teams and 200,000 regular users. 100% online and digitized; save time and personnel; ensure transparency, professionalism - that's what MyLeague application brings to connect and build the number 1 sports-loving community in Vietnam.

The organizing Committee would like to send congratulations to the 03 best startups that have won the award as well as the Startups who have accompanied the program. Hopefully, this program can bring useful information and contribute to promoting the stronger and more successful development of the innovation ecosystem in Vietnam.

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