The 2023 Top 10 Digital Technology Companies Awards
On September 29th, 2023, the Vietnam Software Association hosted the 10th annual Vietnam’s Top 10 Digital Technology Companies Awards Show, with the participation of over 400 representatives, among them leaders from the Ministry of Information and Communications, Ministry of Planning and Investment, and the CPV Central Committee’s Economic Commission.

A Decade of Excellence

The Top 10 Digital Technology Companies Awards have been hosted by VINASA annually since 2014, being one of the most well-organized and planned awards shows to honor Vietnamese IT businesses in various sectors. The show is also a chance for companies to meet and connect with partners and clients, both domestic and international.

After a decade, the show has witnessed the exponential growth of Vietnam’s IT services industry. In 2013, the IT industry’s revenue was approximately $34 billion, with 440,000 workers across 13,800 businesses. The Software and IT Services sector back then contributed $2.8 billion in revenue with over 11,500 businesses and 160,000 software developers, not just enough for domestic demands but also for the industry’s first steps into the international market. After 10 years, these numbers have increased fivefold, reaching $148 billion in revenue and a workforce of 1.3 million workers across the entire industry. The Software and IT Services sector alone has a revenue of over $16 billion, with exports contributing over $5 billion. The number of digital businesses is now 75,000, according to the Ministry of Information and Communications. New fields of research have been developed since then, namely Social, Mobility, AI, and Cloud, among others.

Over 10 years, the show has chosen and awarded 682 excellent businesses, published and sent over 100,000 publications in 3 languages (Vietnamese, English, and Japanese) to businesses and organizations across 100 nations in VINASA’s network of international connections. The show has become a trustworthy partner for successful domestic and international collaborations between companies in the Technology industry.

2023’s Standouts

After two months, the 2023 show has received 155 nominations in 25 sectors from 97 businesses. In August 2023, the judging committee came up with the final list of 104 nominations for the 2023 Top 10 show. The finalists have an accumulated 2022 revenue of over $7 billion, 43.75% of the revenue of the Software and IT Services industry, and employ 136,000 personnel. Among them, the 13 “Trillion-VND Digital Businesses” have a combined revenue of $5.1 billion and a labor force of 111,600.

Albeit the current economy is in turmoil, digital technology businesses still managed to reach impressive growth rates. In the export market, MOR Software and Savvycom grew by 100%, with CMC Global trailing behind at 70%. The domestic market also recorded significant growth numbers: One Mount at 80%, Viettel Cyber Security and FPT Smart Cloud at 100%, and ITSOL at 90%. More and more businesses are investing in the research and development of novel technologies like semiconductors, Generative AI, Blockchain, and more. These businesses have a presence in over 20 nations, with tens of thousands of personnel, and are working hard at the implementation of digital transformation for Fortune 500 companies while being strategic partners of the world’s leaders in technology such as Google, Microsoft, IBM, etc.

At the show, Mr. Nguyen Van Khoa, chairman of the VINASA, expressed his immense admiration for the growth of the Vietnamese IT industry, naming many exceptional companies making waves both domestically and internationally. Mr. Phan Tam, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Information and Communications, showed confidence that the Top 10 Digital Technology Companies will develop their technology and themselves even more, pioneering Vietnam’s digital transformation for a brighter future.


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