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Vietnam Software and IT Services As (VINASA) is a professional society organizations, non-profit activities, representing the software industry and IT services in Vietnam. Established on 4/27/2002, VINASA active role as a bridge between the government and business community of software and IT services; between local communities and international companies; support and promote the development and ensure benefits for members thereby promoting the development of the software industry and IT Vietnam. 

Members of VINASA are mostly of leading enterprises in Vietnam operating in the field of software and IT services such as FPT, CMC, CSC, TMA, Harvey Nash, Microsoft, NEC ... By December 20th 2015 VINASA has more than 300 member companies. With over 60% of national programmers, VINASA members provide over 70% of software products and IT services in Vietnam. 

VINASA have very strong relations with international organizations, IT associations in different regions and around the world. VINASA is an active member of the Association of Computer Industry in Asia - Oceania (ASOCIO) with 22 members representing 22 countries and economies in the region and Union IT services world (WITSA) with more than 70 member organizations, IT and service associations from countries around the world. 

VINASA is linked very closely with other agencies, relevant ministries, especially the Ministry of Information and Communication in activities to promote the development of the software industry & Vietnam IT in general and businesses of VINASA members in particular. 

With contributions and relentless dedication to the development of the industry, VINASA was honored with the state awarded third-class Labor Medal on May 11/2010.



In business production, if his/her business has needs: 

- There is one organization standing out to protect the rights and represent the voice of business in dialogue with management agencies, state governments, ...

- There is information on strategy development, market intelligence, demand, technology trends, products, and services for application deployment operations of the business.

- To participate suggestions and constructive feedback mechanisms and policies to create a favorable business environment for industry and business development

- Exchange, seeking additional partners, involved in community activities in the enterprise software sector, IT services

- Have the opportunity to develop business and expand domestic and foreign markets.

- To share the success and experience of HR management, market development, business management, ...

- Cost savings in production, business development, human resource training



Joining VINASA is participating in community network connecting business software and IT services domestically and internationally, empowering business and practical benefits can only be realized by the association, the right to specific benefits of membership include:

1. Exchange to meet with businesses in and outside the industry, domestic and international connectivity with enterprise. VINASA connects communities strongly, have extensive networks both in and outside the industry, domestic and internationally. Members can participate in activities to meet and exchange VINASA organized by:

  • Meet the members annually; Activities Club: Club IT Cooperation Vietnam - Japan (VJC); Outsourcing Club; Game Club and digital content (HBV); Club IT Cooperation Vietnam - Denmark (DVC);
  • Interaction with the celebrities in the software industry and IT services in the country and the world in galas, conferences and high-level national and international organizations by VINASA.
  • Exchange, introduces enterprise image with businesses in the cultural programs, arts, sports, ...: Vietnam ICT Idol, an annual Golf Tournament Open VINASA exchanges anniversary of the founding VINASA , ...
  • Meet and exchanges, search for partners, connecting businesses (business matching), a market research activities, seeking partners and events are held regularly at home and abroad. 

2. To protect the rights and participation in development activities and policy development to support business development.

  • Member of VINASA are protected of their legitimate rights and interests, advice and answers to these pressing issues, the problems concerning policies relating to the operation of the business.
  • Members have the right to participate in constructive feedback and propose policies to create a favorable environment for business activities of the enterprise development. 

3. Support for communication, branding, business class claims in the IT industry:position, reputation and extensive network of domestic VINASA and contribute to increase the international prestige, stature and image of the member enterprises.

The corporate members are supported:

  • Post freely on the website throughout the year:
  • Name, logo and website link now introduced the members of the board's business
  • Incentives to promote businesses, products and services on the website and other publications of the Association
  • Providefree news to all members via e-mail, e-Newsletter, ...
  • Prioritize promotion through awards, honors, events, media programs and partners by VINASA organization
  • Promoting businesses to foreign markets through trade promotion program is state funded
  • To evaluate and certify the capacity of VINASA 

4.     Is to provide information about the industry, business cooperation opportunities with local partners and international 

  • To provide information on strategies, industry trends through conference activities, workshops, ...
  • To provide information on laws and policies relating to the industry
  • To share information about business opportunities with partners at home and abroad 

5.     Share experiences, enhance knowledge, training and human resource development: Enterprise members have the opportunity to learn,, enhance knowledge and fostering human capitals when attending events due VINASA held regularly as: 

  • Conferences, workshops specialized science and technology;
  • Training courses, training improve competitiveness by prestigious faculty and teaching abroad;
  • The program now visits, meetings, sharing of experiences among members;
  • The general meetings of the association and the clubs, group members;
  • The research, supported by research and development and VINASA units under implementation.
  • Participate in special training courses, intensive skills training, capacity building of knowledge ... so VINASA organization or jointly held. 

6.     Reduce cost of production and business activities of the member firms when VINASA: VINASA members are entitled to incentives through the program: 

  • Reduce the cost of business development, marketing to international markets while participating in program promotion (trade promotion) State funding booth or ticket to participate in trade promotion activities foreign-hosted by VINASA.
  • Reduce the cost of marketing, business development of products and services in the domestic market while participating in the exhibition program under domestic promotion programs by VINASA chaired or co-organized
  • To enjoy the benefits discounts from 10% to 35% for members to participate in the program communication, print media or by VINASA VINASA partner organizations
  • Cost saving manpower training for staff joining the business faculty training or free discounts up to 50% by VINASA organized or co-organized 

7.     To participate in the activities of cultural exchange cultural, uplifting, empowering solidarity, cohesion and corporate members of the association through activities such as: 

  • Participate in the business delegation members that visits annually by VINASA organization.
  • Participation in cultural activities, arts and sports to firms in the industry
  • The forum to discuss issues of mutual interest relating to the operation of the business 

8.     Other specific benefits of membership at VINASA:

  • Well congratulated, sharing of holidays, anniversary ...
  • To be able to vote and stand for election to the Executive Committee of the Association
  • To participate in the awards voted by the organization VINASA
  • To facilitate the use of meeting rooms and facilities of the Association when required.

We are committed to do our best for the development of business community members to take the software industry and IT services Vietnam and outreach development!

Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA)

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