Sailfish OS: The mobile OS solution for corporations and governments
Sailfish is a mobile operating system with strong heritage from Nokia and MeeGo. It is a solution tailored for corporations and governments with privacy at its core.

Sailfish OS allows you to be fully in control of all data and it is compatible with a variety of devices. Currently it being deployed in mobile ecosystem projects all around the world. One good case example is the Russian Post, which is utilizing Sailfish OS Mobile RUS powered devices for thousands of their mailmen in action. The tailored mobile OS is specifically designed and developed for postmen’s tasks, which especially in rural areas include handling pensions and tax payments, official documents, and related tasks. Sailfish OS is the only independent mobile OS without any ties to big tech giants, supported with strong IPR including full IP rights and trademarks.


Sailfish OS has a solid background and expertise; it is developed by the mobile company Jolla from Finland, and its efficient and highly skilled team of engineers working together since 2011. With a strong, respected, and award-winning brand and reputation, Sailfish OS is the perfect strategic solution for corporations and governments wanting to build an own mobile ecosystem for different needs.

Source: JOLLA
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