A Double Win for DataHouse at the Prestigious 2024 Sao Khue Awards
DataHouse (http://datahouse.com), a leading IT Consulting and Software development company, recently won two awards at the 2024 Sao Khue Awards. After successfully surpassing rigorous evaluations from the Jury Council, the company is proud of this achievement.  

DataHouse’s Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) & Software Development services were voted as ‘Excellence Services’, recognized in the IT Outsourcing (ITO) field. Additionally, Healax, a Mental Health improvement application in the Education Environment, developed by the company, was recognized as an outstanding product in the field of Innovation.

The Sao Khue Award is one of Vietnam's most coveted honors in Software and IT services, recognizing exceptional contributions in the industry.

In the evaluation criteria, the two categories "Market Potential" and "Financial/revenue/economic, social impact/number of users" hold a high percentage proportion of 20%. This demonstrates our company’s efforts in identifying market share and expanding market potential in Vietnam as well as the Asia-Pacific region (APAC). Furthermore, the Sao Khue 2024 award is the ‘cherry on top’ for DataHouse’s efforts in building effective business models and strategies in the Government, Healthcare, and Education Customer Sectors. 

Moreover, the award also recognizes DataHouse's comprehensive Consulting capabilities in IT and Software Development, while emphasizing the DataHouse VizPlatform - a PAAS cloud application development platform that helps businesses accelerate their digital transformation process. 

With VizPlatform, businesses can easily build, deploy and manage software applications without investing in costly IT infrastructure, saving time and operational costs. These outstanding features helped DataHouse win the prestigious Sao Khue 2024 award.

Finally, the steady revenue growth of DataHouse in recent years is evidence of the quality of services and customer satisfaction with the company's solutions. 

Hong Phan, CEO at DataHouse, received the IT Consulting & Software Development award

Nearly Five Decades of Delivering Cutting-Edge Solutions

For over 45 years, DataHouse has consistently provided clients with modern solutions and services – utilizing their extensive expertise. Winning not one but two Sao Khue Awards is a testament to the company's dedication to innovation and positions it as a leading player in the industry.

Hong Phan, CEO of DataHouse, said, "Our mission is to provide world-class solutions to customers worldwide while creating high-value opportunities for people." DataHouse's unwavering commitment to innovation, technical expertise, creativity, teamwork, and courage enables it to deliver successful outcomes for clients, fostering long-lasting partnerships.

DataHouse: A Global Partner in Digital Transformation

DataHouse is ready to broaden its impact, aligning with this year's theme from the Ministry of Information and Communications. The theme emphasizes "Digital Data, Digital Management, Development of Digital Technology Industry and Digitalization of Economic Sectors." 


Thang Hoang, Director of Operations at DataHouse, received the Healax innovation healthcare product award. (pic 3)

Healax: A Standout Innovation from DataHouse

Healax (https://datahouse.com/healax/) was one of DataHouse's products celebrated in the "Innovation" category. It is a unique AI-powered mobile application designed to tackle the critical issue of student mental health. It empowers students to:  

  • Monitor their emotional well-being
  • Access tailored relaxation exercises
  • Connect directly with school psychologists
  • Share experiences within a supportive community 

Healax not only promotes Mental Wellness in Educational settings but also enhances schools' reputations and fosters safe learning environments for students.  

After 4 months of professional evaluations from organizing units, DataHouse has proven its global technology and quality, as well as the uniqueness and creativity of the Healax product when successfully making its mark on the winning list for the category of Innovation. 

To achieve this award, Healax met the main criteria, some of which were: Uniqueness; Effectiveness; and Market Potential. In the Market potential group, the structure of points related to the expansion potential of the Healax product, holds a weight of 60%, which shows the development potential of Healax in the future. 

Healax has achieved ISO 27001:2013 Certification, the International Standard for Information Security and Data Protection. In addition, both DataHouse and Healax comply with HIPAA, ensuring security in the processing, storage, and transmission of health information according to US law. DataHouse is also a partner of AWS, the cloud computing platform provided by Amazon which is the safest in the world and trusted by many government organizations.

To learn more about Healax and the comprehensive range of services DataHouse offers, visit their website: https://www.datahouse.com/

About DataHouse:

DataHouse is a leading IT company headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii. With four branches strategically located throughout Vietnam, the company has earned a stellar reputation over its 48-year history. DataHouse is known for delivering innovative technology solutions across diverse sectors, including Banking, Healthcare, Education, and Government

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